The Family Aspects

The project created exclusively for Fotografia Calabria Festival reflects about the transformations and changes of collective and individual identity within a community: how does It form the identity of the individual in the community? And how does the community relate to the individual? A reflection that takes shape through visual and technological experimentation and which starts from old photographic techniques to arrive at the creation of an unconventional and experimental visual language on photographic techniques

Vaste Programme

Vaste Programme is an artistic duo born in 2017 from the encounter between Giulia Vigna (1992) and Leonardo Magrelli (1989). Their research focuses mainly on the issues of climate change and the ways in which technology is used by the mass public. Both themes are frequently analyzed through their presence within the iconosphere. Images, pictures and the visual field become a constant reference, explored through post-photographic and installative approaches, using practices of appropriation, resignification, detournement and quotation, often adding to it a veil of bitter irony.