Far South

Tradition and progress, protection and profit in a land like Calabria, which has always been a place of survival and conquest by man, thanks to its geographical position in the center of the Mediterranean. On the Sila plateaus, in a constant balance between past and future, the breeding of the native Podolian breed still takes place, which represents the greatest source of profit for the area. A reflection to root an awareness that leads to effective actions for the safeguard biodiversity.
In “Far South,” a subtle, graceful and refined play of the author emerges, conducted in the clean use of the camera, in the rigor of the colors and in the composed construction of the image. The author rejects grammatical or syntactic accentuations so present in much contemporary photography. A proof of marked seriousness, imbued with underlying humanism that entrusts to man and only to him and to his gaze the possibility of discernment, thought and finally judgment. 

Michele Martinelli

Tuscan, born in 1979, he follows an artistic training course in the field of restoration and conservation of cultural heritage. In 2015 he accesses a masterclass in photojournalism and documentary photography at the Fondazione Studio Marangoni school in Florence; today he works as a freelance documentary and corporate photographer. 


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