The Petunia Carnage

Inspired by an article by Kelly Servick, How the transgenic petunia carnage of 2017 began published in Science Magazine, the project is a story composed of 90 photographs and poses a reflection on what is natural and what is artificial, what is real or fake, synthetic or genuine. A dichotomy that involves not only contemporary science, but photography itself since its origins. 

Klaus Pichler

Klaus Pichler is a photographer from Vienna, Austria, known for his conceptual photo series that address environmental and cultural issues. His work often blends irony with a critical perspective, addressing topics such as consumerism, waste, and the impact of human behavior on the environment. Pichler’s style is characterized by a strong visual storytelling approach and his ability to turn ordinary, often overlooked subjects into striking images that spark conversations about important issues. He uses a variety of techniques, including macro photography, still life, and photojournalism, to create images that are characterized by a rich attention to detail, composition, and color.

Images subject to copyright of the author.