Gender Identity

Cora’s courage

The Family first and then external society are the places of inclusion or exclusion for a trans individual. Cora has already completed her social transition at an early age and is the protagonist of a photographic and visual journey which, with a positive and intimate slant, tells us about her growth, wants to reflect on values such as the autonomy, the inclusion, and responsible love, but above all wants to account for a childhood that is hardly visible in a world where rights are built on hetero-centric and adult-centric principles. 

Gabo Caruso

Gabo Caruso was born in Buenos Aires on August 14, 1985. She studied photography at the Association of Professional Photographers of the Argentine Republic. In 2011 she obtained a degree in communication and image from the Walter Benjamin Institute. Her projects are related to human rights in favor of diversity. She challenges the dominant ideologies that shape these social constructions.

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