Climate Visuals

Climate Visuals is the world’s only evidence-based climate change photography program. It is run by Climate Outreach, a team of social scientists and communications specialists working to broaden and deepen public engagement on climate change. Through research, practical guides, and consulting services, Climate Outreach helps organizations communicate climate change in a way that resonates with their audiences’ values and lead to action. The goal is to provide a platform, voice and visual tools to people and communities not yet represented in the traditional climate change narrative.
In 2022, ahead of COP27, Climate Visual, in partnership with Communication Inc  launches, a new collection of images on the impact of climate change on oceans and coasts. Thousands of photographers from 102 countries participated in the call which led to the selection of 93 photographs chosen by an independent jury.
The Ocean Visuals collection was exhibited inside the Blue Zone at COP27, Nature Pavilion and also in the UNESCO Pavilion, during the panel event “Communicating Ocean Science for Climate Action.