The change

It is precisely from change as a distinctive feature of the new edition of our festival that we want to start. A theme that wants to tell above all about something that starts from each of us and stirs emotions and deep gazes, which is courageously researched and implemented by a child, welcomed and accepted naturally by an elderly person, a consequence of the tension between the science and his commercial exploitation, and that looks at photography not only as a through , but itself as a language in continuous transformation, both in content and in form, also leading us on the path of the great changes of our world and our time. 

We wanted the change to be first and foremost our own, presenting ourselves already from this year with a new festival in its guise and mission. From this II edition Fiumefreddo Photo Festival becomes Fotografia Calabria Festival, to enshrine the desire and the need that our project, born as a widespread festival – the first in Calabria – would expand even more on the territory involving other municipalities in the region and other local and national institutions. For the 2023 edition, two municipalities will be involved: Fiumefreddo Bruzio (already home to the I edition of the festival) and San Lucido. 

Change is the central theme of the projects on display which feature photographers as protagonists, each of whom, with  the lens of their camera, tells in a different and personal way their own idea of change, thus allowing us to think of  Fotografia Calabria Festival as one single big lens through which to observe the contemporary era, its continuous mutations and transformations and highlight the different declinations of this process: inner, political, media, generational, sexual, historical, social, artistic and much even more. 

Anna Catalano
Artistic direction