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Open Call 2023


CHANGE is the central theme of our competition, for photographers of all ages and from all over of the world. We seek photographic projects that tell the declinations this process can have: individual or collective, environmental or technological, small or macroscopc, cultural or scientific, conscious or instinctual, predictable or sudden. It doesn’t matter whether it’s documentary or artistic photography, because we would like to give voice and visibility to those photographic projects that deal with the theme of change in a free way in form and/or content, from which emerges the use of photography as a means of analysis and investigation of the contemporary, but also as a form of art and narrative and visual experimentation. 

There are no limits. The criteria on which the jury will focus its attention will be: respect for the theme, the design character of the works, the original and innovative look of the photographers. We will also seek a dialogue between the images in the series and the way the project is read as a whole. Each work must be accompanied by a short and clear introduction describing the idea and vision of the project, and the captions of the individual photographs, (if provided). 


The works could be sent until 1 p.m. on May 7, 2023 


All projects will be viewed and selected by the jury consisting of: 

  • Federica Berzioli, editorial coordinator Sprea Editori (The Photographer, Digital Camera, Nphotography, Photo Professional).
  • Alberto Prina, Founder of Gruppo Fotografico Progetto Immagine in 1989, he designed and coordinates the Etica Photo Festival, since its premiere in 2009. As a reportage photographer and photojournalist, he develops complex projects in terms of photographic communication, multimedia and collaborative photography.
  • Diego Orlando, since 2019 Artistic Director of InsideSouht, a permanent photography residency project on the Mediterranean and Southern European area. Until 2022 he was senior photo editor and special projects at Burn magazine. In 2016 he was freelance photo editor of Benetton’s magazine-catalogue, Clothes For Humans. His work includes curating numerous editorials and photo books. 
  • Anna Catalano, founder and coordinator of the Photography Calabria Festival. 

First place

  • 1,000 euros in cash
  • Production and staging of the exhibition  
  • Publication in the catalog of Photography Calabria Festival 2023  
  • Visibility through the Festival’s communication actions  
  • Publication in a permanent section of the Festival website.  

Second place

  • 500 euros in cash  
  • Publication in the catalog of Photography Calabria Festival 2023  
  • Publication in a permanent section of the Festival website. 

Third place

  • Publication in the catalog of Photography Calabria Festival 2023  
  • Publication in a permanent section of the Festival website 

Participation in the photo contest is by sending a WeTransfer package to info@fotografiacalabriafestival.it containing 

  • Image folder (min 10 / max 25 photos, 2000 px long side)
  • Pdf file with short bio, synopsis, numbered captions, Instagram profile and website (if available)
  • Author’s portrait.
How to pay



The Photography Calabria Festival 2023 Award is open to everyone, with no age or professional limits.  

The works must be composed of a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 25 photos, in digital or analog format. Diptychs are allowed. Creative artistic post-production is allowed. It is not that employed for documentary projects used to remove objects or people that alter the original composition of the image.  

Each project must be accompanied with short bio (max 1500 characters including spaces), title of the work, profile photo of the photographer, introductory text and clear and  numbered captions for each image. The file with bio, synopsis and dida must be in pdf format.  

The winners of the Photography Calabria Festival 2023 Award  must have the files in high resolution and provide them as needed, under penalty of absolute elimination from the competition. 

Photographer’s Declarations.  

By participating in the competition, the photographer accepts the conditions set out below. 

The photographer declares and guarantees to have obtained all necessary consents, authorizations and releases for the use of the photographs and, specifically, for the use of any person and/or thing represented and/or mentioned in the photographs.  

It is understood that, at the request of the “Pensiero Paesaggio,” Cultural Association, the photographer is required to provide the Association with the consents issued by the third parties represented in the photographs as required by law.  


The photographer assumes his own exclusive responsibility for any harmful consequences for the Association arising from the use of the photographic material granted, expressly exonerating and indemnifying the Association from any related liability and in any case from any claims from third parties.  

In the event that the Association is, in these cases, defendant in court, the photographer undertakes to accept to take up the cause in place of the guaranteed, claiming the exclusion pursuant to Article 108 of the Code of Civil Procedure. 

Ownership of photographs  

The Association acknowledges the ownership of the photographs as well as the intellectual property of the sames in the hands of the photographer. The authorized use of the photographs does not imply the ultimate transfer to the Association of any intellectual property right or copyright on the photographs themselves. 

Use and limitations on use of photographs  

The photographs granted for use to the “Pensiero Paesaggio” Cultural Association may be used by it both in the context of the event, through reproduction and display of the same within the areas/locations used to host the event, and in the context of the promotional and advertising activities that the Association intends to put in place in relation to the event and future ones, including the free use of four photographs for possible editorial publications dedicated to Photography Calabria Festival.   

Except for the cases covered by this Contract, the use of the photographs for purposes other than those authorized herein is prohibited. 

The Association undetakes to use the photographs without their alteration or modification.  

Without prejudice to what is established in this Contract, the Association is prohibited from transferring or allowing third parties to exercise the aforementioned rights; moreover, it is not permitted, by way of example, to use the photographs in a defamatory, libelous or otherwise illegal manner and which may result in damage and prejudice to the photographer and his reputation.  

In using the photographs (even through third parties appointed for this purpose), the Association shall make clear the ownership of the same to the photographer.  

Participation in the competition implies that the conditions of the announcement have been read and accepted in full. 

Copyright and ownership of the photographs always remain with the photographers.  

The finalists and the overall winner agree to grant Photography Calabria Festival, through the Cultural Association “Pensiero Paesaggio” the permission to use the submitted images for communication actions (online and offline materials, social networks, newsletters, etc.) of the Festival, and the organization is committed to the reporting of the photographer’s credits on each photograph at all times.  

The Contest Rules could change due to causes not foreseeable by the organization. It is possible to withdraw from participation in the contest at any time by communication via e-mail to info@fotografiacalabriafestival.it. 

There is no refund of the participation fee 


For technical requirements and information, write to: info@fotografiacalabriafestival.it