2022 – Midway: between past and future

Midway: between past and future

MIDWAY: between past and future

How many times do we think we are living in the present, when just a moment later it becomes the past and a moment before it becomes the future?

Accustomed to measuring the dimension of time as a linear flow, we overlook the characteristic that more than any other can really give meaning to a logic, otherwise reduced to inevitable rhetoric of “everything flows”.

This feature is the turbulence.

The present becomes the past.

The future becomes the present.

The turbulence, somehow, nails the time and offers the great opportunity to compose new and unprecedented combinations, to establish cause-effect links, to accept stringent logics, but also and above all to preserve vast margins of doubt.

And it is precisely in tumultuous pressing of our times, with a global change in progress, exclusively caused by man and in the midst of an epochal technological revolution, that the photographer’s sensitivity finds great inspiration.

MIDWAY: between past and future is the theme of this first edition of Fiumefreddo Photo Festival, which aims to harmonize, with right level of coherence and uncertainty, the projects of the authors scheduled, all based on the middle way in which we find ourselves and from which unravel various investigation’s lines that can describe the time but also to arouse perplexity and doubts.

Teodora Malavenda
Direttrice artistica Fiumefreddo Photo Festival


Alex Urso Past Continous
Fabian Albertini Controlled Lives
Gabriele Cecconi – TiàWùK
Giacomo d’Orlando – Nemo’s Garden
Marzo Zorzanello – Tourism in the climate change era
Misha Vallejo – Secret Sarayaku
Mostra storica – In past we trust
Bianca Maldini – Un giorno qualcuno mi disse

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